We are a rent-a-rack second-hand fashion store with a Nordic twist

Join us on our journey to help to reduce fashion waste

VENLA is a rent-a-rack quality second-hand fashion store with a Nordic twist. We are a place where you can give new life to your clothes and find new loves.

The rent-a-rack solution makes it possible for you to monetise your preloved, good quality fashion items and sell them in our store in an easy and convenient way.

Our first store VENLA MOSMAN was opened in January 2021 in Mosman, Sydney.

Our second store VENLA BONDI, opened in October 2021 in Bondi Junction.


To book your rack in VENLA MOSMAN or VENLA BONDI go to BOOK HERE. 

We welcome you to drop in and explore our exciting range at our stores. You can also follow us on Instagram to make a purchase.


Please note VENLA BONDI and VENLA MOSMAN are COVID compliant.

Our customers are invited to wear a mask.

We appreciate your kind collaboration. Stay safe.

Is your wardrobe bursting at its seams?

Are you wondering what to do with all those good quality fashion items in your wardrobe that you once loved?

We are passionate about doing our bit to help solve the fashion crisis. VENLA provides a sustainable and convenient way for you to give a new home to your used clothing and accessories while making money in the process.

Rent-a-rack from VENLA and we do the rest!

Are you looking for great second-hand finds?

At VENLA you’ll make exciting discoveries for your wardrobe while reducing fashion waste and saving money. Find the perfect summer dress or weekend dinner outfit.

Explore our broad and fast changing selection and make new finds every week. For us at VENLA, it goes without saying that the products displayed are stylish and comply with our quality standards to ensure great value and a positive experience for our customers.

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Resell your preloved fashion items at Venla and do the right thing for the environment

Do you have beautiful fashion items in your wardrobe that you once loved? Perhaps they just don’t fit anymore, your style has changed or you just want to refresh your selection? What is redundant for you might be a new love for someone else. So, let’s recycle and do it in a way you can earn money while helping the environment.

How it works

Book a rack here – select your start date for two week selling period. Contact us to confirm if you wish to use the “All Inclusive” option.
You do not need to be in the shop to sell, we’ll do it for you. We also provide the hangers for you.
Your rack fits approximately 40 items at a time. You can top up as you sell.(Track the success of your sales easily via our app.).
As your items sell, you are welcome to bring additional items for sale during your rental period. (You can also team up with a friend and share a rack).
Please note, we focus on quality fashion pieces and brands: vintage, new trends and seasonal ageless classic quality brands (female and male clothing, bags and shoes). The items are required to be in great condition and clean. Read more about the quality requirements and our terms here
More questions? We would love to chat, contact us here



The most economical option for you.
You itemise and price your max 40 pieces and 5 accessories (bags/shoes) in our online platform. We provide you with price tags to attach to your clothes.
You clean and pack your items and bring them to our store, and organise your items on your rack (we provide hangers).
We’ll keep your rack tidy to make sure your items have the best possible chance to sell and look after the sales for you.
You can bring new items in any time during your sale period, as long as there is space on your rack. You can follow the sales in real-time via our app.
Rent for two weeks: $210 (VENLA MOSMAN) $180 (VENLA BONDI) rent-a-rack fee + 25% commission of the total sales.


The most convenient option for you.
You only need to clean and pack your items (up to 60 items and 10 pairs shoes/bags) for the rental period, deliver your items to the shop, or select to have them picked up for a small additional fee.

We’ll set the pricing and tags and display the items for you.

We’ll tidy up your rack every day to ensure your items have the best possible chance to sell.

We add new items to your rack as sales occur. You can follow the sales in real-time via our app.

Rent for two weeks: $210 (VENLA MOSMAN) $180 (VENLA BONDI) rent-a-rack fee + 50% commission of the total sales

For an additional $30 we will pick up the products from your home.

Luxury items

If you have top quality individual designer garments and accessories and don’t want to rent a full rack, you can sell them at VENLA BONDI.

We will accept a wide range of designer pieces from international and Australian brands.

You can drop off any LUX items at VENLA Bondi store.

Firstly email us details with pictures and authentication for any LUX items. Original receipts and/or authentication will provide buyers peace of mind and a better price for you.


SHOPPER section

We’re VENLA – a rent-a-rack second- hand fashion store with a Nordic twist. We are a place where you can give a new life to your clothes and find new loves.


We’re VENLA – a rent-a-rack second- hand fashion store with a Nordic twist. We are a place where you can give a new life to your clothes and find new loves.


Our Mosman store is opening in January 2021!




VENLA is a rent-a-rack second-hand store.  At VENLA MOSMAN and VENLA BONDI we provide an easy way for you to buy good quality second-hand garments from the local community and help the world become more sustainable.


You can also purchase VENLA fashion via VENLA Instagram! Just follow us and if you see something you like to purchase just DM us SOLD and we will deliver it to you or you can pick it up from the store: 

It is all about playing your part in solving the fashion waste crisis.  The VENLA concept is firmly based on the ideas of sustainability, circular economy and recycling. Did you know that it requires 2600 litres of water to produce one T-Shirt!  Just buying one reused item in a year makes a big difference to the environment and your wallet!

“I usually wear the same dress 20 times.
I even recommend it.”
Anna Wintour


The global challenge is that there are very few convenient options for people to reduce fashion waste and recycle in a way that is beneficial for the environment, community and the individual.

In Australia, we have limited options for a circular economy of good quality used fashion items. We can either donate them to charity stores or recycle drop-off boxes, which is a good thing to do. However, it’s unclear where many of  these items actually end up, and from an individual perspective, monetising the value of these pre-loved goods is obviously not possible. The other option is to sell the items via social media groups or similar marketplaces, but this is time consuming and complex, especially for second-hand fashion products.

What about those high value consignment stores? These are a great option if you have an expensive, high-end product (like a top design garment, watch or jewellery). But what about all those good quality clothing items, shoes and accessories that are beautiful and have value in them, but don’t qualify for consignment stores?

This is why we created VENLA Resell + Relove.

The concept of a self-service second-hand fashion market has been very popular and successful in Finland for years and we’re now proudly bringing this concept to Sydney. VENLA makes it easy, convenient and financially beneficial for you to resell or shop for second-hand fashion products. It’s a win-win situation for all, and most importantly the environment will thank you.




We’re Minna and Satu, originally from Finland but living and working in Australia for over 25 years. Our company has been providing services in the travel industry and was going great until COVID hit. Like many others, our income just dried up. With Finnish SISU (dogged determination) we decided to start a new business and do good for our community and the environment.  This is when VENLA  Resell + Relove was born.

About our mission

Our mission is to help reduce fashion waste and do our part to improve the well-being of humans and the environment.

Join us on our journey to make the world a more sustainable place.

About Venla

VENLA is a place where you can give a new life to your clothes and find new loves. VENLA has a modern Nordic look with a fresh bohemian twist. The VENLA team is passionate about providing a sustainable way to shop for great second-hand quality clothes and accessories.  At VENLA, it goes without saying that the product presentation must be stylish, We take care of your second-hand fashion as if it was our own. Every day.

The Story behind the name ‘Venla’:

VENLA, our Muse, represents the strength of the female character. She is the spirited girl next door wooed by the brothers in “The Seven Brothers”  classic. This is the first-ever novel written in the Finnish language. The book was written in the 1860’s by the great Aleksis Kivi, national author of Finland.

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Mob:  0468 856 556

Email: hello@venla.com.au

Mon-Fri 10-5
Sat 10-3 & Sun 11-4

565 Military Road, Mosman NSW 2088  (Free parking on Vista St Car Park)


Mob: 0468 815 307

Email: hello@venla.com.au

Mon-Fri 10-5
Sat 10-3 & Sun 11-4

153 Oxford Street, (Pedestrian Mall) BONDI JUNCTION NSW 2022 (Easy parking in Eastgate)



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